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Our origins…

This is the original letter (dated 18 September 1966) that  Dudley Brook wrote to Dr C W Walker, chairman of Herefordshire & Radnorshire Nature Trust Ltd,  reporting a meeting at which a proposal to form a local group of like-minded naturalists in Ledbury was discussed. This was met with enthusiasm and lead to the establishment of the Ledbury Naturalists & Field Club.

Historical Survey records…

Beginning in 1999, with a survey of Ledbury Town trail, a group of Ledbury Naturalists members, ably led by Janet Parry, carried out surveys of the flora and fauna, and sometimes the geology, of habitats in or around Ledbury. Most were at the request of the landowner. Surveyed sites are diverse and include woodland and reclaimed farmland, ancient estates and areas of the Malvern hills.

Surveys were based on monthly visits to the chosen site from March to October when survey members record all species found to compile a detailed database of the wildlife present during the spring and summer period. Data are collated, and a report produced for each location that are archived on this website and the individual records submitted to Herefordshire Biological Records Centre (HBRC) to enhance county records. Some reports have been used to inform decisions about the sites, for example, the survey of Broadmoor Common found use in decisions made by the Parish Council who now manage the common.

After long and distinguished service, Janet has retired from active duty in leading the surveys, so the group is not currently looking for places to survey, although it will consider requests from local landowners on a case-by-case basis.

For further information, please contact Janet by tel. 01531 640640 or email

Completed surveys