Survey Group

Every year since 1999 a group of members have carried out a natural history survey of some site near to Ledbury, visiting once a month from March to October. We record all the plants, trees, fungi, birds, dormice, invertebrates and any other interesting things we find. The results are published in a report which is distributed to members and local libraries and the Herefordshire Biological Records Centre (HBRC) so contributing to our knowledge of the county’s natural history.

We have surveyed many varying sites including woodland and reclaimed farmland, ancient estates and areas of the Malvern hills. We hope to continue doing this and any interested member is welcome to join in and learn from the experts. The more eyes and ears we have, the better.

Completed surveys

  • 1999 – Ledbury Town Trail and Riverside Walk
  • 2000 – Conservators land in Upper Colwall and Brockhill Drive
  • 2001 Cancelled due to Foot and Mouth disease
  • 2002 – Frith Wood South, Ledbury
  • 2003 – Frith Wood North and Bradlow Field, Ledbury
  • 2004 Cother Wood Nature Reserve and Vinesen
  • 2005 – Coneygree Wood, Ledbury
  • 2006 – Hollybush, Eastnor
  • 2007 – Queenswood Reserves, Dymock
  • 2008 – Old Country Farm, Cradley
  • 2009 – Oyster Hill, Coddington
  • 2010 – The Purlieu field, Upper Colwall
  • 2011 Hill House Farm Cradley and Putley Common
  • 2012 – The Hill Farm, Castle Frome
  • 2013 Joan’s Hill Nature Reseve for the Charity, Plantlife
  • 2014 – Old Colwall Estate
  • 2015 – Homme House, Much Marcle
  • 2016 – Broadmoor2016 report    Broadmoor data    Historical records    Geology notes
  • 2017 –  Dales Hall Castlemorton Common
    This year we are heading east to the far side of the Malvern Hill to Dales Hall at the top of Castlemorton Common. We had an inspiring field trip there in 2015 at the invitation of Tim and Rosemary Cameron who organize their land on wildlife friendly principles. They are delighted for us to do our survey on their land this year and very interested in what we find. Peter Garner has also requested our help with a book about the wildlife of the Malverns he is writing and needs as much data as he can get from the east side. So it seems we can be helpful on two counts as well as enjoying ourselves in another lovely spot. The farm is all on the lower slopes of the Malvern Hills so there are some steep sections though plenty that are less challenging. It is very diverse and has a big flowery meadow, woodland, new coppices an old orchard and and heath land so there should be plenty for everyone.
    We are moving the day for our surveys to the 2nd Thursday of the month as this seemed most preferred. Hence the dates for this year will be
    March 16; April 13; May 11; June 8; July 13; August 10; September 14; October 12
    Put them in your diaries now! I will continue to send out reminders a few days before each date.
    The farm is on OS Explorer map 190 at SO 768 390, Sat Nav WR13 6LQ. Access is via a 1 km un-metalled track going north from the main road across Castlemorton between the Gullet quarry and the Gloucester road. The turning (left from Ledbury, right from Malvern) is opposite the junction with well surfaced New Road, and the track has a green sign on a low stone wall saying “Access for residents only”. Drive carefully to the end of the track, forking right at the top of a woodland. Parking is either by the garden wall or in the more extensive yard which is accessed through a gate just past the garden gate. Drive through and park by some barns.
    Thank you to all who turned out last year. I hope you will be able to join in again this year. We still need spider and lichen experts if anybody knows any. We are keen to have new recruits. You do not have to be an expert to join in. We need lots of pairs of eyes and ears to help. Anyone who enjoys finding things and learning more will be welcomed.
    Anyone wanting to join us, please call Janet Parry tel. 01531 640640, or email