Ledbury Riverside Walk

The riverside meadows include a walk from the Hereford Road to the Ross Road. A stretch of the River Leadon, from Dickinson’s roundabout to just beyond the Little Marcle roundabout, was diverted during the construction of the by-pass. The northern stretch of the meadows is formally maintained, with mown grass, gravel paths and groups of planted shrubs. The southern stretch (affected by diversion of the river) is more natural, with long grass and a track beside the river.

The Naturalists Field Club surveyed the walk in 1999 to ascertain how well this riverside habitat had been colonised by wildlife. Because much of the riverside was new or disturbed, colonisation by wildlife was in its infancy, but nevertheless the diversity found included 154 species of flowers, 25 of trees (including 5 types of willow) 43 species of birds (including willow-warbler, common whitethroat, yellow- hammer, chiffchaff and other finches) and 18 types of butterfly.

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