Woolhope Dome

Woolhope Dome (Chris Harris)

The Woolhope Dome is an area of distinct hills to the west of Ledbury. A predominantly pastoral and wooded landscape, part of it lies within the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The area – more than 5000 hectares – takes in the parishes of Brockhampton, Dormington & Mordiford, Fownhope, How Caple, Much Marcle, Pixley, Putley, Tarrington, and of course Woolhope itself.

The Dome has a unique geological background and for the most part, its eroded hills and valleys have not been intensively farmed. As a consequence, the Dome is a rich mosaic of ancient oak and mixed woodlands, species-rich hedgerows, wildflower meadows, traditional orchards and streams, all supporting a wealth of wildlife.

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